A split personality on the front page

I've developed a very bad habit during Eagles games.

No, not screaming obscenities at the TV screen. I stopped doing that a few years ago, at least for the most part. I still offer an unkind expletive for dropped passes, stupid penalties, and weird fourth-down calls by Doug Pederson.

OK, I still swear at the TV screen.

But I now have another outlet during those weekly Birds bonanzas.

Yes, I now have the opportunity to offer a running commentary on the games on Twitter.

Let's be honest. We're all frustrated color commentary guys anyhow. Twitter now gives us - or at least me - an outlet for all that built-up frustration.

It was on Twitter yesterday where I first learned of the other big news of the day. That's not unusual either. Twitter is where most news breaks these days.

So as I was furiously scrolling yesterday as the Eagles again imploded, I noticed they were not the only ones.

FBI Director James Comey was doing a little imploding. A little more than a week after he stood the presidential election on its ear by saying the FBI was reviewing new emails tied to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Comey offered what amounts to this:

Never Mind.

Comey sent a letter to key members of Congress notifying them that nothing in the new emails had changed his mind when it comes to his decision not to file charges against Clinton.

Yes, the Internet exploded. Just as it did a week ago when he first made his proclamation.

That is when I got the idea for today's front page.

Normally during Eagles season, the Birds dominate the front page.

But they were in the process of losing still another eminently winnable game, plus the Comey admission was a huge story.

So I decided to sort of merge the two stories.

A reach? Maybe.

So sue me. Everyone else threatens to.

I decided to use a single headline to note both stories:

G-Man Problems.

Then I used two photos and two subheds to spell out the two big stories of the day.

I don't normally like to have competing elements as the lead on the front page.

I usually pick one theme and hammer it.

Today I made an exception.

Yes, I expect to be second-guessed about it.

Guess I have more in common with Doug Pederson than I thought.