A welcome change on beer sales

Raise a glass, Pennsylvania.

The Keystone State continues to slowly crawl out of the Dark Ages when it comes to the sale of alcohol.

Gov. Wolf yesterday signed a bill that would allow you local beer distributor to sell your favorite brew however you want it.

That's right, you're not longer required to but a whole case, as was the case for years, or even a 12-pack, just recently given the OK.

Starting 60 days from yesterday, your local beer distributor will be able to sell you a six-pack, growler or even a 32-ounce bottle.

In a way, this is actually more convenient than buying beer at the supermarket. That's because when you go into the supermarket, you have to enter a separate part of the store to buy beer or wine, and you have to pay for it there, separate from the rest of your groceries.

Unfortunately, the LCB is not going away. The state stores will remain in business.

That most likely means you'll still be making several different trips.

But we are getting there.

Slowly but surely.

Sounds like a reason for celebration to me.

Who's buying?