Don't let politics ruin your holiday

On Sunday we offered some helpful hints on how to survive the Thanksgiving holiday.

No, we didn't offer any tips on preparing Tom Turkey. We didn't share our special recipe for stuffing. Or chime in on whether it's better to cook it inside the bird or out.

Our story focused on what could be a major pitfall to the joy of the season and the spirit of offering thanks, which of course kicks off in just a few days as we all make like the pilgrims and sit down at the table and break bread together.

We just hope we don't break any bones - aside from a few drumsticks.

That's right, we sought out a few experts to help us with what could be the biggest pitfall many families will be facing this holiday season.


We're still trying to digest the results of that stunning election.

Many people are still chomping on Rolaids trying to figure out how Donald Trump managed to pull this off and what it means for the future.

Hillary Clinton fans are still trying to figure out what went wrong.

Don't let politics ruin your holiday.

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