Join our live Black Friday coverage!

The turkey is being digested.


Now it's time for that other holiday tradition.

Black Friday Shopping.

We want you to take part in our coverage of the annual shopping frenzy on the day after Thanksgiving. Hell, even the night of Thanksgiving.

This year some stores decided to revert to tradition and remain closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Others opened their doors to try to reel in those early-bird shoppers.

For a quick review of what's on tap today in Delco, you can click here.

Here's what it looks like across the nation.

Our reporter Kathleen Carey will be out there amid the shopping madness. You can follow her on Twitter at @dtbusiness.

And we want you to take part in our live coverage. Tell us what you are seeing out there. How long are the lines. What are the most popular items? Where are the best deals. Use the Twitter hashtag #PaBlackFriday. and you can be part of our live coverage.

Happy Shopping!