Josh Huff can claim the quote of the year

We interrupt the euphoria surrounding the Chicago Cubs to bring you perhaps what might be the quote of the year. That honor goes to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff.

He was facing the media at his locker yesterday, one day after being stopped on the Jersey side of the Walt Whitman Bridge. Police detected the aroma of marijuana in the car. A small amount of pot was found in the car.

Unfortunately for Huff, that's not all the cops found.

Police also found a 9 mm handgun, and some hollow point bullets.

Huff has a permit for the gun in his home state of Texas. That doesn't do him any good where he is living now in New Jersey.

To his credit, Huff appeared contrite as he explained what happened before a bank of media members who congregated at his locker.

He indicated he had the gun for the safety of his family, and because he does not trust some of the people in his hometown of Houston.

But then he uttered this.

"What professional athlete don't have a gun?"

It took a while for that statement to fully sink in when I heard yesterday afternoon.

I'm still a little taken aback by it.

I guess I should not be surprised. But I am. I think maybe Huff let out something of a secret among big-time athletes. Maybe they feel like they are targets because of their wealth and fame.

Although to be honest, I doubt very many fans could pick out Huff if he was standing next to them - before his face was splattered all over the papers in connection with this incident.

But Huff certainly seems to think it's pretty common for pro athletes to be carrying.

They certainly have that right. It's called the Second Amendment.

I guess I should confess here that I'm not a gun guy. Never owned one. Never fired one, if you don't count the BB-gun I had as a kid.

I guess I never realized the carrying a gun would be considered routine.

I stand corrected.

Thanks for the info, Josh