Josh Huff & the Eagles have found an offensive weapon - unfortunately

Is there anything better than a Game 7? That's the treat that awaits tonight after the Cubs beat the Indians last night for force a deciding Game 7 tonight to see which city will end their World Series championship drought.

Unless, of course, it's the Eagles. There is always the Eagles. They trump all, if you'll excuse use of a fairly popular word these days.

The Eagles are back in the headlines, and it has nothing to do with their prime-time, come-from-ahead, heart-breaking overtime loss to the hated Cowboys Sunday night.

It has nothing to do with Doug Pederson's play-calling or his decision to punt the ball away late in the 4th quarter against Dallas, instead of kicking a 53-yard field goal that would have put the Eagles up by two scores.

It does have everything to do with the Eagles lack of offensive weapons.

Sort of.

Wide receiver Josh Huff, who has been a bright spot returning kickoffs for the Birds this year, including taking one 98 yards to the house for a TD, is in hot water for an off-the-field incident.

Much of the talk this year has focused on the Eagles' receivers and the team's very real lack of weapons.

Now Huff is in trouble because of a weapon.

Huff was headed back to Jersey yesterday morning after practice when he was stopped for speeding on the Jersey side of the Walt Whitman Bridge.

The officer apparently got a whiff of the aroma emanating from Huff's car and suspected marijuana. He found a small amount of pot in the car. Unfortunately, that's not all he found.

To his credit, Huff apparently informed the officer he had a gun in his driver door pocket.

Unfortunately, it's not licensed in New Jersey. That's a no-no. He also had hollow-point bullets. They're also illegal in Jersey.

Huff is part of a receiving corps that has been under withering criticism for their lack of production.

This won't help.

It also won't help the team's image, which has been battered in recent weeks with a gun charge for linebacker Nigel Bradham at a Miami airport, and a previous run-in Bradham had with a cabana boy, as well as the PED 10-game suspension for stud right offensive tackle Lane Johnson, as well as receiver Nelson Agholor being accused of misconduct in a local strip club.

I have to chuckle when I hear the sports talk radio folks start talking about a news story, which this Huff story certainly is. Josh Huff is not going to jail for this incident. But he very well may find himself suspended by either the team or the league.

And he will be another reminder of the huge problem the Eagles have at wide receiver and the lack of weapons, gun or no gun.