Make no mistake - the people saved the Beaver Valley

They will gather today to make official something we told you last week:

They have saved the Beaver Valley.

This morning Delaware County Council will join Concord officials and local officials toannounce the county’s involvement in the recent purchase of the 240-acre Beaver Valley property in Concord Township and discuss its ongoing commitment and plans for open space throughout the county.

These 240 acres, just west of the nightmare of suburban planning that is otherwise referred to as Route 202, now will be preserved as open space. Originally acquired by William Penn from the Duke of York in 1682, Beaver Valley lies near the banks of the Brandywine River in Concord Township. Nearby, in 1777 General George Washington’s troops fought the British in the American Revolution.

Beaver Valley, often referred to as “The Valley” by locals is used by hikers, bikers, horseback riders, and runners throughout the region. For centuries the scenic property has inspired generations of artists, including acclaimed painter Andrew Wyeth.

Yes, the politicians will be falling all over themselves patting themselves on the back for saving one of the last remaining open, pristine tracts in what is quickly being overrun - the once tranquil, rural western edge of the county.

But just know this: This is a win for the people.

It's a win for all those who were outraged at the possibility of losing this gorgeous tract, of really and truly seeing 'Paradise Lost."

It's a win for the people who bonded together into a group called Save the Valley, who packed local town meetings and held their officials feet to the fire to get this done.

If it were not for them, you can count on one thing. Instead of a press conference today noting that this open space has been saved, the bulldozers would soon be rolling over the Beaver Valley.

We'll be there to bring you the details in the press conference anyhow.

But don't be fooled.

This was accomplished by citizens who decided you can fight city hall.

Good for them.