Friday, November 18, 2016

One last gasp before winter

Looks like maybe my annual pre-winter weather challenge could be challenged this weekend.

But not today.

If you're considering calling in sick and taking a long pre-holiday weekend, this might be your day.

After a chilly start, it's expected to get close to 70 under sunny skies later this afternoon.

Not too shabby for Nov. 18.

Actually, tomorrow also is looking like a winner.

It's Sunday when we're going to be shocked back to reality.

Yes, winter is coming. And it's going to feel like it Sunday, with a fierce wind bringing much colder temperatures with the thermometer struggling to reach the high 40s.

All of which means my annual challenge not to don a winter coat until after Thanksgiving could be in jeopardy.

Yeah, that ride to work Monday might get ugly.

Here's the full forecast.



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