Our mission: Making United States united again

President Trump.

Let that one roll around on your tongue for awhile.

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.

If there is one word that resonated throughout the day yesterday, it was change.

That is what the billionaire businessman and reality TV host pledged to deliver.

That is the mandate his stunning win in the Electoral College - fueled by his passionate backers - pounded home.

It is a stunning repudiation of establishment Washington, D.C., in the visage of President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

I offered the following two words on today's editorial page, penned long before many votes were cast in this historic election; No what?

The challenge now is for the country to come together.

It's time to make the United States united once again.

Yes, it will take time.

To his credit, Trump took on a similar tone, calling on the nation to rally behind him and become one nation again. He pledged to be the president of all the people.

Hillary Clinton has yet to be heard from. She is expected to speak this morning.

That is now our challenge. It is our mission.

Donald J. Trump is president-elect.

A fractured, divided nation ponders its future.

The sun came up this morning, despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanied so many stunned by this stunning outcome.

The people have spoken.

They wanted change.

They wanted someone outside the system, someone who was not affected by the trappings of Washington. That is what they got.

There has never been a candidate - nor a president-elect - quite like Donald Trump.

It's going to be that kind of day.

But remember beyond everything else that we are indeed the United States.

Or at least we profess to be.

That now is our mission.