Sixers to fans: Tank you very much

The Sixers won a game last night. It was the second time this year they have been victorious.

But they're still losers.

That's because of something they did to their fans.

That's correct, people still pay to see this team, despite another dreadful start and the last couple years of "tanking." For those of you not familiar with it, that is the much-talked about "process," losing to increase a team's draft status and ability to acquire "assets."

Not much of which has to do with putting the biscuit in the basket.

At any rate, the Sixers announced yesterday afternoon - no doubt after most fans had already made their decision about buying tickets or attending last night's game against the Wizards - that center Joel Embiid would not play.

Embiid continues to be on restricted minutes as he slowly recovers from the foot maladies that cost him his first two seasons in the NBA.

Instead, Embiid will play tonight on the road in Minnesota against Karl Anthony Townes.

The game also just happens to be a national TV game.


That middle finger you see being extended is a big thank you - or something like that - to Sixers fans from the team's management and the NBA.

Columnist Jack McCaffery has it about right.