The continuing fallout from the Trump election

We continue to see some of the consequences to more than a year of fairly acrimonious political discussion.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney last night reacted to a week of incidents in the city to note they will not be tolerated.

Oddly enough, Kenney was speaking at the conclusion of the International Unity Cup soccer tournament, which celebrates teams made up of about as diverse lineups as you can imagine.

That has not stopped the slow drip of racial incidents that have been highlighted since Donald Trump stunned the nation by winning the presidential election a week ago.

Kenney noted many Philadelphians were feeling angry, afraid and even hopeless in the wake of a series of incidents of racial intimidation, including text messages sent to black freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania that warned it was time for lynchings.

It's not just in the city, either.

In Bucks County, the Council Rock School District held a community meeting to address the acts of vandalism, hate speech and threats that have popped up since Trump's victory.

At Villanova, they continue to investigate an incident in which a black female student says she was harassed and accosted by a group of white male students chanting Trump's name.

That is why I decided to address the issue on today's editorial page.

To his credit, during his appearance on "60 Minutes" Sunday night, Trump tried to tamp down this stubborn racial streak.

"Stop it," he told any supporters who might be taking part in such actions.

I hope his backers follow his lead.

My fear is that they already have been mimicking Trump on some of their actions.

You see, words have meaning.

And consequences.

It's on today's editorial page.