The Dreaded Saturday Eagles Pick

Ah, home sweet home.

After being savaged on the road in Seattle last week, the Eagles return to the Linc in South Philly for a prime-time matchup Monday night with the Green Bay Packers.

That means this game is all about whether or not the Eagles' defense can keep the lid on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers defense. Green Bay has been in a serious funk, and it would be nice if the Eagles' defense could harass him into another poor effort.

Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense should be able to put some points on the board against Green Bay, but I'm not sure they score enough to get the win.

The Eagles have turned the Linc into a fairly distinct home field advantage this year. They are 4-0 in South Philly, while sporting an ugly 1-5 mark on the road.

Doug Pederson somehow needs to find someone to help out his quarterback, like making a big catch. It appears as if Nelson Agholor might take a seat in favor of preseason standout Paul Turner.

I'm not sure that's enough to flip the switch on this offense.

The Pick: Make it Packers 27, Eagles 23. Something tells me Aaron Rodgers is not as bad as the Packers have looked the last couple of weeks. It would be nice if he waited one more week to turn things around. I don't think that's going to happen.

Last Week: I kind of saw this one coming. The Eagles offense vs. the Seahawks defense was a major mismatch. They just don't have anyone who scares you. What was maybe most disappointing in this game was how the Eagles' defense was handled physically by the Seahawks. That should not happen. The win got me back to the .500 mark on the season at 5-5, while the Birds sit at an identical 5-5 mark, with their season in the balance. If they want to make a playoff run, they need to start it Monday night in South Philly.

Game by Game: Seahawks 26, Eagles 15 (My Pick: Seahawks 24, Eagles 13) Eagles 24, Falcons 15 (My Pick: Eagles 31, Falcons 29)

Giants 28, Eagles 23 (My Pick: Eagles 24, Giants 17)

Cowboys 29, Eagles 23 (My Pick: Cowboys 29, Eagles 24)

Eagles 21, Vikings 10 (My Pick: Vikings 26, Eagles 13)

Redskins 27, Eagles 20 (My Pick: Eagles 24, Redskins 23)

Lions 24, Eagles 23 (My Pick: Eagles 31, Lions 10)

Eagles 34, Steelers 3 (My Pick: Steelers, 26, Eagles 23)

Eagles 29, Bears 14 (My Pick: Eagles 24, Bears 16)

Eagles 29, Browns 10 (My Pick: Eagles 19, Browns 13)