They saved the Beaver Valley

Who says you can't fight city hall?

Not out in Concord Township.

You might remember people were less then enchanted with the notion of losing perhaps the tract of open space in the wildly developing western end of the county. That would be the 240 acres known lovingly to locals as the Beaver Valley.

When plans first aired to develop the site, one more swath of townhouses and other residential development, concerned citizens took action. They jammed township meetings to announce their displeasure.

They formed a group called Save the Valley.

It worked.

This week conservation groups announced a plan to buy the tract and preserve it as open space.

A press conference to formally announce the deal is set for Monday.

You can read all the details here.


Anonymous said…
A win for the people, and better yet a loss for for so called "progress"!
Just goes to show you that when the people stand tall together, no one or nothing can stop them!