Walkout, protests slated at Swarthmore, Main Line

File this one under, "What Took Them So Long?"

There will be a protest today by students at Swarthmore College.

Swarthmore students and faculty will join 80 other schools and universities across the nation in protesting to support sanctuary campuses.

They're not happy with President-elect Donald Trump's immigration policies, in particular his plan to eliminate the deferred action program may undocumented students qualify for.

They're vowing to do whatever it takes to stop Trump and his immigration policies.

“Our colleges and universities, have a moral responsibility to ensure that all students and campus workers regardless of immigration status feel safe and protected in their campuses,” said Carlos Rojas Rodriguez, an organizer with Movimiento Cosecha. “We are asking our administrations what side they are on; that is what #SanctuaryCampus is all about.

“We are publicly demonstrating our discontent with the xenophobic rhetoric that has come out of this election cycle, and consequently the hate crimes that are now more than ever before plaguing communities of color. As a latinx student and a son of immigrants I will not stand for this.”

The walkout is slated for noon on Parrish Beach on the campus.

And it's not the only one.

Residents in Lower Merion also will be on the march today. They are upset with relations with the Lower Merion Police Department.

They're planning to rally at Haverford College and then march down Route 30 (Lancaster Avenue) to the Lower Merion Police Department. The rally is planned for 2:30 with the march to follow.

We'll be there to cover both of them .