Who ran down Cynthia McNeil?

It seems like a pretty simple question.

But it is one that haunts the family and friends of Cynthia McNeil.

Who ran down the beloved grandmother as she got out of her car and crossed the street to her home on Ninth Street in Chester.

Actually we know the person driving the car that struck McNeil, leaving her with multiple broken bones and bleeding on the brain, was a woman.

She actually got out of the car after striking and dragging McNeil, before getting back in her car and speeding off.

The family wants the person to come forward.

After our story appeared Monday, several local TV stations followed up with stories on the McNeil family and their ordeal since Cynthia was struck Nov. 5.

I have always wondered about the anguish someone must feel who has fled the scene of this kind of accident.

Unless you have absolutely no feelings at all, it must be horrible.

Somewhere, a car is likely sitting under a tarp or in a garage with serious front-end damage.

The person who was driving that car likely has damage to their psyche as well.

But it's nowhere near the hell that the McNeil family is going through.

I hope the driver turns themselves in soon.