A slippery slope for Sixers

The Sixers did not lose last night.

That's the good news.

Then again, they did not win either. No, they didn't tie.

Actually, they didn't play at all.

The Sixers had problems with their hardwood playing surface down at the Wells Fargo Center. Apparently the warm weather, coupled with the Flyers' ice surface that resides under the hardwood, along with rainy warm conditions outside combined to allow moisture to form on the hardwood. And apparently, no one thought to crank up the air-conditioning.

Yes, they got floored.

Yes, they mopped the floor, but not with Demarcus Cousins and the Kings, the way their fans would have preferred.

Make no mistake, a lot of questions are going to be asked about the way the Sixers handled all this.

Members of the Kings reported they had issues at their morning shootaround. That was at 10 a.m. Then the Sixers faced the situation during their pre-game practice.

All of this was hours before game time, but no announcement was forthcoming until most fans were already in the house.

The team initially announced to the crowd that the game was being delayed before eventually cancelling it altogether.

Fans will be offered tickets to a future game, in addition to the rescheduled game with the Kings. Fans also will be reimbursed for parking. No word on whether the team will make good on any beer and food fans purchased before the rug was pulled out from under the game.

Yes, it's a very slippery slope for a team that has had more than its share of pitfalls.

Terry Toohey has all the details.