All About the Eagles

Doug Pederson and the Eagles are entering very dangerous territory.

The coach, who has a tendency to speak his mind, unlike most big-time coaches, may have bit off more than he can chew at his Monday day-after presser following that dreadful performance against the Bengals.

In response to a question about his team's effort from longtime radio and TV guy Howard Eskin, Pederson stunned just about everyone with his response to whether he believed everyone gave maximum effort in Cincinnati.

"Not everybody."

It did not take long for that heat-seeking missile to hit the locker room.

Two players seem to be the focus of much of the talk.

Zach Ertz is taking heat for passing on a block as his quarterback Carson Wentz scrambled for the sideline. Safety Rodney McLeod has been questioned about his effort on a Bengals' score at the goal line.

I like Doug Pederson.

That does not mean I don't think he has made mistakes. Actually, I think at least two Eagles losses are directly attributed to some of his actions.

I especially like his outgoing nature and honest answers when he's asked a question.

That's even more so after more than a decade of Andy Reid, who simply never gave you anything, and a couple of years of Chip Kelly, whose arrogance did little to hide his dislike for the media and actually being asked questions.

The Eagles should be preparing for a team they do not match up well against. That would be the Redskins.

Instead of putting the wagons in a circle and hunkering down for one last stand in these final four games, the Eagles are trying to patch up internal squabbling.

They can either bond, unite behind Pederson, and lay it all on the line.

Or pack it in.

Of course, some people think they already did that last Sunday.

Bob Grotz has the latest on the Eagles drama.