Always Sunny in Philly? How about always hyping the weather in Philly

I just drove into the office.

I don't have double-scan radar. I don't have Doppler. I don't have Accu-Weather.

I do have eyes, however.

The roads are wet.

Oh, wait a second.

BREAKING NEWS: We can report - somewhat less than exclusively - that the roads are wet. That happens when it rains.

I did not, however, encounter any snow. Or ice. Or slick spots.

Hell, this morning I didn't even encounter any deer, something of a novelty these days.

None of this is going to keep the local TV stations from reporting breathlessly this morning about the road conditions.

And they just might expand the Philly suburbs to Buffalo in their search for snow.

All I can tell you is what I experienced with my own two eyes this morning. The roads are wet. It's fairly miserable out, with a cold rain.

My guess is that at some point - maybe even later this week - we will see some snow.

That is what happens in winter, despite my fervent wishes for it to remain in the 80s and sunny.

Always sunny in Philadelphia?

Well, I don't know about that. What I do now is that it is always about the hype in Philadelphia when it comes to the weather.

Get the full forecast here.