And the angels sing in Swarthmore

The debate in Swarthmore continues. I always like to think of readers' voices as those of the angels. They are singing these days in Swarthmore.

I took to the editorial page today to expound on the story that everyone is talking about. That would be the request by the HEADstrong Foundation to use a stately, old house in the borough as a temporary residence for cancer patients and their families who are getting medical treatment in the area. That request is being opposed by some neighbors.
An interesting thing happened as we covered this story, something that actually happens quite often. No one especially liked our coverage.

Those who backed the Colleluori family and HEADstrong in their efforts believed we focused entirely too much on the opponents and ignored the fact that a lot of people in the borough were supporting their request. Essentially, they thought the town was being painted with much too broad a brush. If you spend any time, as I do, online you know what I mean. The stories have sparked a huge outpouring, both on our comments board, as well as on Facebook.

On the other side, those opposed to the HEADstrong request believed we were unnecessarily sensationalizing the story and fanning the flames of the bile that spilled out - much of it directed at them - online.

As I always do in these cases, I invited them to offer their side of the story, and promised I would run it on our op-ed page. My thanks for Lisa Feehery for taking me up on my offer.

One thing I would like to make clear. Lisa Feehery is not what most people are trying to make her and some of her fellow neighbors out to be. She believes what is in essence a fairly mundane issue over borough codes and zoning regulations is being fanned into something emotional, an "us vs. them" debate that she does not really want.

You can read her guest column here.

Council is set to make their ruling Monday night. We'll be there.