Forget the Eagles; the 'Sons of Ben' movie is on Netflix

I'm going to try not to talk or blog about the Eagles this morning.

They lost - and they did so without me, at least for the first half.

For the second straight week, I did something I have not done very often in my 61 years on this planet. I skipped the Eagles. I have some other things on my mind right now and was running some errands yesterday.

When I finally got back home and plopped down in front of the TV, I was somewhat surprised to see the Birds holding a 13-7 halftime lead.

Maybe I should have stayed away.

I brought them bad karma. Of course, the Redskins immediately scored 14 unanswered points in the third period to take the lead. The Eagles struck back with a Pick-6, only to see the Redskins take the lead again.

So the stage was set - once again - for Carson Wentz to do something he has yet to do in his rookie season. That would be engineer a game-winning drive with time expiring on the block.

Actually, he seemed well on his way to doing just that, driving the Birds down the field and into scoring position at the Redskins 17-yard line.

That's when Doug Pederson decided Matt Tobin, forced into action at right tackle because of injuries, was up to the task of taking on Redskins tackle Ryan Kerrigan one-on-one. The result was about what you might expect. Kerrigan blew by him and blew up Wentz, who did not seem to sense the pressure - again. The ball squired loose and the Redskins fell on it. One knee-down later and the Eagles' season was officially over.

They are now 5-8. They have lost 8 of 10 since that 3-0 mirage of a start.

Let me remind you. This is not a good time. In fact, in the immortal words of the late Dennis Green, they are who we thought they were, a mediocre team.

In more important local sports news, our Chester City Blogger Stefan Root reminds us that the great film they made on the Sons of Ben and the arrival of Major League Soccer in the city of Chester is now available on Netflix.

Make sure you check out Stefan's blog here.