'Golden Rhule' finds greener pastures

We have a winner in the least surprising sports news of the week.

No, not that some Eagles dogged Sunday while getting their lunch handed to them by the lowly Cincinnati Bengals.

Matt Rhule is leaving Temple.

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming.

As the wins piled up over the past two seasons, Rhule would constantly be asked of his future plans, and if he had his eye on a bigger job with a bigger school.

Every time he said the right thing, that he was happy at Temple coaching these kids and had no plans to leave. Right up until Tuesday morning.

That's when he called Temple officials and informed them he was taking the job at Baylor.

Actually, the news first popped up on the Baylor website.

Rhule will not be coaching the Owls when they face Wake Forest in the Military Bowl in Annapolis in a few weeks.

He's be busy putting together a staff and starting the process of rebuilding a Baylor program that is in shambled after a sex assault scandal embroiled the team and the entire university.

We don't hold it against Rhule. Just like we didn't hold it against Al Golden or Steve Addazio.

This is what happens at schools like Temple. As soon as a coach builds a winning program, bigger schools came calling.

Rhule probably held out longer than most.

Apparently he could not resist the lure of Baylor.

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