It's time to get 'Imbued'

It's time to get 'imbued.'

Yes, I know that might be a tad more difficult this morning for Eagles fans.

So, what do I mean by being 'imbued?'

Well, actually I used my Monday print column to explain it - as well as pay homage to one of the single greatest lines in the history of film.

Here are the Daily Times, we celebrate the holiday season with the arrival of our annual fund drive to help the good work of the Chester Salvation Army. It's the 45th year we have offered the Daily Times Merry Christmas Fund.

Once again this year we are pushing to raise $50,000.

We also are celebrating on Page Two of the print edition every day, with our annual salute to all those great holiday decorations across the county.

Welcome back to "Homes for the Holidays."

You can read it all in my Monday Letter from the Editor.

Let me know if you disagree with my choice for one of the great lines ever in a movie.

George Bailey, I'll love that line 'til the day I die.