Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just call Lane Johnson the Grinch - he stole our Christmas

Welcome back, Lane Johnson.

The guy should wear a Grinch outfit when he rejoins the Eagles Thursday night in their meaningless - at least for the Eagles - prime time matchup with the Giants.

You can make the argument that the tectonic plates of Eagles' season shifted upon the earthquake of a 10-game suspension slapped on their starting right tackle for a PED violation.

Forget for a moment that this was Johnson's second violation. Yes, I understand that he says he asked the union if the stuff he was taking was cleared for use. Doesn't matter. Johnson is responsible for what he puts in his body, and the moment that test came up 'dirty' the Eagles season - which started so promising - started to come unglued.

First off, Johnson very likely is the best player on the team, and just might be the best offensive lineman in the NFL.

Carson Wentz has not looked nearly as comfortable in the pocket in Johnson's absence. Those whispers about problems with his mechanics and throwing motion seem to get louder each year.

At one point the Eagles were 3-0. Then they hit that odd early bye week, gave away a game in Detroit, then had to deal with the Johnson suspension.

They are 2-10 since.

Johnson will be back in green Thursday night.

But it should be a Grinch suit, not Eagles green.

He stole our Christmas.


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