The Daily Numbers for Monday, Dec. 19 (Eagles Edition)

The Daily Numbers: 2 point conversion that failed for Eagles, sealing their fate vs. Ravens yesterday.

4 seconds left in game when Carson Wentz crashed into end zone to pull Eagles within a point.

27-26 loss in Baltimore.

5-9 record for the Eagles.

9 losses in 11 games after starting season 3-0

8-6 record for the Ravens, who continue to cling to their playoff hopes.

169 yards rushing for the Eagles.

128 yards on 20 carries for Ryan Mathews.

4.4 yards per carry, what the Birds averaged.

1, as in No. 1 rushing defense in NFL for Baltimore coming into the game.

10 field goals of at least 50 yards for Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Maybe one reason why Doug Pederson decided not to tempt overtime and go for the win.

31 of 32 kicks made by Tucker this year.

12 consecutive 50-yarders.

22 of 42 for 170 yards for Carson Wentz.

6 of 14 for 47 yards on 3rd down.

1 interception, on his 1st pass attempt of the game, which set up Ravens for an early TD and 7-0 lead. Terrible throw.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Don’t blame Doug Pederson and his decision to go for 2 for this loss.

I Don’t Get It
: How could Nelson Agholor manage to step out of bounds before hitting the sticks on a crucial 4th down carry late in the 4th quarter?

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Ryan Mathews. When this guy plays, he’s a great back. He just always seems to be hurt and misses too many games.

Quote Box
: “I had my mind made up before we scored. If we had a chance to win it, we were going to go for it.”

- Doug Pederson, on his decision to go for win instead of extra point and tie.