The real danger in embarrassing Eagle loss

The Eagles have landed.

With a thud.

How bad were the Birds yesterday in getting thrashed 32-14 by the Bengals.

The Eagles got shut out in the first half. It was 29-0 before the Doug Pederson's charges got on the board.

To the Bengals, who came into the game 3-7.

This was not the Patriots. Or the Broncos. This was the stinking Cincinnati Bengals.

Which tells you something about Jeff Lurie's team.

And all of this on a day when both the Giants and Redskins lost, which could have opened a door for the Eagles to resuscitate their faint playyoff hopes. Instead the Eagles were DOA in Cincinnati.

There are a lot of stories to come out of yesterday's disgraceful effort. The Eagles are a team bereft of talent on both sides of the ball. They have no weapons on offense, and no way to stop other team's efforts.

Compound that with a lack of effort - you can make a case that this team simply did not show up yesterday - and you have an indictment of the entire Eagles organization.

And that includes both of the team's rookies, first-year head coach Doug Pederson and fledgling quarterback Carson Wentz, who for some reason Pederson decided to have throw the ball 60 times yesterday.

The fact is there are now some fairly serious questions about Wentz, who is showing signs of mechanical problems that might explain why some teams were reluctant to hitch their wagon to him in the NFL draft.

Wentz has a hitch in his throwing motion, a strange wrist action in his release that results in high throws. When he throws the ball down the middle of the field, that is a guaranteed recipe for disaster, overthrowing receivers and sailing throws right into the arms of waiting safeties.

But there is even a bigger story at play here, one I experienced and one I am guessing a lot of other Eagles fans have hit as well.

I really no longer care.


I've seen all this before. The Eagles as run by Jeff Lurie no longer seem capable of being a consistent, winning organization.

They had a great run with Andy Reid, but they have done nothing since.

That is the real danger here, at least for the Lurie and the Eagles.

They are in danger of coming in second to putting up Christmas decorations.

That hasn't happened in a long time, if ever.