Time for decisions on Mariner East 2

Another town is raising concerns about Sunoco Logistics pipeline plans, referred to as Mariner East 2.

They join a growing list of municipalities and school districts in the western end of the county who are wondering about the potential pitfalls of pushing that massive volume of chemicals under high pressure through very densely populated neighborhoods, to say nothing of within a stone's throw of a local elementary school.

On our editorial page today, we note both the economic importance of this project, as well as the legitimate concerns of residents.

It's time for the state and/or county to address this critical issue head-on.

Have public hearings. Let the people - and Sunoco Logistics - have their say.

Then vote on the proposal and allow Sunoco Logistics to move forward with the project, or make the necessary adjustments.

It's very likely the most important economic story in the region, and we are in danger of falling behind other areas in the quest to become an energy hub.

Read our editorial here.