A bitter way to start the week - but there is good news for winter haters as well

First things first.

We're down to single digits.

Yes, my car dashboard thermometer greeted me this morning with a lovely 7 degrees.

It capped off a brutal weekend that saw winter slam the door on the holidays with a combination of snow, very cold temperatures and biting wind.

Not helping matters all that much is that I've managed to catch a nasty head cold that has me walking around in a complete fog. So of course this would be the weekend when we decided to venture out to collect the Christmas decorations. Yes, I was cursing my decision to place those lovely balls on the tree at the corner of the house. Not sure I'll make that decision again next year.

If you're like me and detest winter just a little bit more each year, I have good news.

We're about to get a reprieve.

Yes, today is going to be bone-chilling.

But temperatures will gradually rise all week. And - believe it or not - we could see temperatures back in the 60s again by Thursday.

Maybe it's a sign of an early spring.

At least we can hope.

You can get the full forecast here.