A salute to Officer Adamek & Avery Graham

It's back in the headlines again.

An encounter between a young person and a police officer.

No, I'm not referring to the situation in Philadelphia where a female officer was caught on video in a violent encounter with a teen that ended with the officer striking the teen several times. As usual, there is more to the story than appeared on that video.

Instead, I'm talking about the story that graced our front page yesterday.

It detailed the special relationship between Trainer Officer Steve Adamek, and little 5-year-old Avery Graham.

The kid struck up a friendship with the officer who he saw every day on patrol in his neighborhood. So when Officer Adamek fell ill in a fight with cancer, Avery sprung into action. He raised money to offset the medical bills Adamek was facing by designing and selling special bracelets.

It certainly gives a different view to the normal headlines that focus on the sometimes troubled relationship between police and their communities.

We used our editorial page today to salute both Officer Adamek and Avery Graham. Read it here.