A sign of the Times

It's official.

The Daily Times has arrived in Swarthmore.

Or is that Springfield?

Or the Ridley School District.

Actually, we left out longtime home in Primos last July and moved to our smaller new digs on South Chester Road.

But it took on a bit more official feel yesterday when our new sign, the same as our daily masthead, was finally attached to the side of our building.

It looks even better at night when it's lit up.

And yes, for all you folks who responded on Twitter and Facebook after I posted a picture, this is the former CVS building.

They're now a couple of doors down in the same shopping center as Market 320 and Goodwill.

Now, if we could only figure out exactly where we're located.

Our mailing address is Swarthmore. That means we're serviced by the Swarthmore Post Office.

But that does not mean we are technically located in the borough of Swarthmore. We're not. Geographically, this is Springfield Township. Yes, there is this small island of Springfield down here below Swarthmore. It's not even contiguously connected to the rest of the township.

One person on Twitter yesterday even suggested we might be in the Ridley School District. All I know is that you can almost spit into Ridley by driving about a block down Fairview Road, or in Nether Providence by simply heading over the nearby Blue Route overpass on Chester Road.

To the best of my knowledge, none of our neighbors has filed a protest at our arrival. In fact, many have stopped by and offered their well wishes.

And, of course, several people online could not resist noting that we should find ourselves right at home here in Swarthmore, given our liberal editorial bent.

Hey, at least they're still reading!


davee said…
I was once told by a local historian that the reason there is a small island of Springfield Township adjacent to Swarthmore goes back to the decision by the residents of what is now Swarthmore to form a borough and separate from Springfield. However they did not want to have the quarry adjacent to what is now the Blue Route (behind the current Swiss Farms store) as a part of their elite borough. So they drew the boundaries without the quarry and, of course, without the blue collar workers who lived nearby.