Miserable day? Yeah, but it could have been snow

One look at each disheveled person who trudged into the office yesterday pretty much told you everything you knew about the weather.

Yes, it was miserable.

Wet. Raw. Windy.

The wind - gusting to as much as 50 mph - made those rain drops feel like tiny razors as they pricked your skin. Delaware County was hard hit by the wind. A huge tree was toppled out in Aston, slamming into a house. Thank God, the family was not home at the time. There were no injuries.

Things were still a mess as I drove home last night. The trip through Media on Baltimore Pike was detoured out in the west end by a tree that had fallen across the pike.

Trees were down all over the place, traffic signals were knocked out, and power outages affected thousands.

You can read our coverage of the storm here. But it could have been a lot worse. And it was in several places.

Out in Chester County, a driver was killed when a tree slammed into his car as he was driving.

In Philadelphia, strong winds ripped a sign off a building at a car dealer's lot, striking and killing a man nearby.

Throughout all of this, I was struck by a single thought that usually dominates my psyche at this time of the year.

What if this had been snow?

No, I didn't like yesterday's weather.

I'll take Key West any day.

But I'll take it over snow any day.

Ironically, yesterday's storm arrived exactly one year after we got slammed with 20 inches of snow the year before.