Reinforcements arrive in Chester

On our editorial page today, we applaud the arrival of eight new police officers in the city of Chester.

And we stress that they can't get to work soon enough.

Or, as we referred to them on our front page, the city's police force is getting some 'Reinforcements.'

The officers arrived just a few hours after an city policeman was forced to fire on a suspect who pointed a gun at him. Yesterday morning city officers were involved in a standoff with a man who barricaded himself inside a house after allegedly shooting a woman. Then last night, officers responded to several more shooting incidents, including another gunshot victim on a city street, and a troubling incident where several gunshots were apparently fired at a home in the city.

Finally, we could not wonder about another tidbit coming out of the city this week.

Chester has received a $1 million grant from the state to attack its stormwater problem.

No doubt it is much-needed. Like many older cities, the city is plagued with old, failing infrastructure. But here's a thought: How many cops do you think they could hire and deploy on the streets with that $1 million?


B. Kerner said…
Im all in support for our police but my basement floods every rain due to a collapsed storm sewer behind my property. Infastructure issues are also important to the future of Chester.