The Affordable Care Act discussion

On our editorial page today, we delve into the topic of the suddenly endangered Affordable Care Act, the signature piece of legislation of the Obama Administration.

Republicans have made it clear "Job 1" on their "To Do" list is the repeal of what they have for years ridiculed as Obamacare. They reinforced that last week with votes in both the House and Senate to do just that.

Voting in favor of those measures were Republican Rep. Pat Meehan, R-7, of Chadds Ford, and Sen. Pat Toomey.

This weekend a few of their constituents gathered outside Meehan's office to remind him they do not necessarily agree with this stance, especially since Republicans do not have a replacement plan ready to take its place.

In short, it appears Republicans are in a rush to judgment, one that 20 million Americans who now have health insurance thanks to the ACA can ill afford.

Read the editorial here.