Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Eagles have found their receiving corps problem: Greg Lewis

We now know what was wrong with the Eagles this season.

Greg Lewis.

The team parted ways with its wide receivers coach yesterday after a season in which intense focus was placed on the lack of production from the team's wide receiver corps.

The lack of playmakers like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, decisions made long before G-Lew joined Doug Pederson's staff, doomed the Birds.

The truth is Lewis did not have a lot to work with. He was saddled with a steady but not great slot receiver in Jordan Matthews, a No. 1 pick who has proved to be anything but in Nelson Agholor, and an at times seemingly disinterested Dorrial Green-Beckham, brought in mid-season.

There isn't an All-Pro in the group. Not even close. But none of them showed much in the way of improvement under Lewis' guiding hands.

Maybe that's what it's all about - hands.

Greg Lewis had them. In fact, he did something that none of the members of this desultory Eagles wide receiver corps is likely to do: He caught a TD pass in a Super Bowl for hte Eagles.

But something had to be done in light of the Eagles wide receiver problems this season. And as they say, it's a lot harder to fire the players.

Good luck to whoever gets the job of turning around this group.

Bob Grotz has all the details on move here.


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