Turnabout is fair play when it comes to marches in D.C.

Got an interesting email yesterday.

That's not all that unusual.

Neither was the fact that the woman had a question concerning our coverage.

She said it had not escaped her notice that we offered extensive coverage last weekend to the Women's March on D.C.

She inquired if we planned to do the same for the annual March for Life, which takes place today in the nation's capital, as abortion foes mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade high court decision that made abortion legal in this country.

I asked her if she had happened to see Thursday's newspaper - and the large story and photo we did advancing the groups from Delaware County who will be boarding buses early this morning to take part in the march.

We hope to be able to follow up and talk with some of them later today. Plus we will have coverage from Associated Press of the march.