Welcome to the most miserable 90 days of the year

You can set your watch by it.

The holidays are over, we've ushered in the New Year.

That can only mean one thing: We're on the snow watch.

Welcome to the most miserable 90 days of the year.

Yes, there is a chance some spots in the Philadelphia region might see some snow on Friday. Actually, oddly enough, this storm is supposed to hammer some areas in the South this week before it loses steam as it rumbles up the coast and heads out to sea.

Looks like your best bet of seeming any accumulating snow will be along the Jersey shore.

That will not keep the local TV folks from breathlessly anticipating some flakes for the next few days.

Actually, today is going to be fairly mild, with the sun breaking out around noon and highs hitting the low 50s.

Aside from the snow threat, the word for the weekend is going to be cold. We could see some of the coldest temps of this winter arriving for Saturday and Sunday.

Just don't panic. This is hardly worth rushing the supermarket to stock up on the storm necessities such as bread and milk.

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