Before Wing Bowl, anyone remember Week 10?

Here's a thought to warm the hearts of Eagles fans on a cold Friday morning as we careen into Super Bowl weekend.

At least those fans who are not taking part in our very own unique Super Bowl weekend celebration. That would be Wing Bowl of course. Anyone care to remember Week 10 of the regular season?

That would have been Sunday, Nov. 13.

The Falcons, led by Exton native Matt Ryan and who just happen to have a date with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Sunday, arrived at the Linc with their high-flying offense.

So what happened?

They had their worst day of the season.

The high-flying Falcons offense managed to put up all of 15 points. They went 2-for-11 on third down as the Eagles scored a decisive 24-15 win. So what does it mean? Nothing actually.

But it's something to think about. This team tamed an offense that torched just about everyone else in the league. Does it mean the Birds could be Super Bowl material anytime soon? No.

OK, enough of that serious stuff. Now back to Wing Bowl.