Monday, February 13, 2017

Brace yourself to be blown away today

Batten down the hatches.

Or maybe just pull the covers up over your head.

That roar you heat outside this morning is not a lonely nocturnal critter wandering your neighborhood. It's the wind. Serious wind. Gusts running up to 35 mph.

That means driving this morning is a bit like driving in a grand prix.

There is debris everywhere, including tree limbs scattered everywhere. I spent most of my morning zigging and zagging trying to avoid all kinds of debris.

If you did not secure your trash cans and they happened to be empty, you might find them down the street. I was taking evasive action all along Baltimore Pike through Media as trash cans were whipped across the Pike.

One person on my street actually lost one of those portable basketball hoops, which went down right across the street. Luckily there was still enough room to get by.

Winds are expected to gust like this right through the morning before finally tapering off this afternoon.

Hey, it could be worse. Up in New England they are expecting another 2 feet of snow today after getting hammered with 18 inches by that storm that left us with just a few inches last week.

You can get the full forecast here. There is a high wind watch in effect for the entire region.

And if you'd like some musical accompaniment this morning, this oldie but goodie from The Association seems appropriate.


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