It's going to be a wild weather week

Brace yourself for a wild weather week.

First we're going to get a preview of spring, with temperatures pushing close to 60 both today and Wednesday.

Then, just to prove the Punxsutawney wasn't lying, things are going to take a turn for the more wintry Wednesday night into Thursday.

This will start as snow Wednesday night, then forecasters are talking about the possibility that the rain will turn to snow Thursday morning.

In the meantime, enjoy today and tomorrow, as temperatures continue to run as much as 15 degrees above normal. And while we'll have to deal with showers today, tomorrow the sun will return, at least for the bulk of the day.

They're saying the high tomorrow could hit 62.

I think I feel a cold coming on. Now where did I put my golf clubs.

You can get the full forecast here.