Kirkland will talk about crime in Chester today

We expect to hear today from Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland on the spike in violence that is afflicting the city. Good idea.

A police radio report over the weekend noted a report of shots fired on the 100 block of 22nd Street, with an advisory that an AK-47 was used.

That was preceded by another shooting report just a few blocks away.

Kirkland is expected to be joined by Police Commissioner Otis Blair and their police leadership team to detail how the department plans to attack the problems.

Kirkland will follow today's session with two roundtable discussions on Thursday to discuss violence in the city. The first will be closed to the public, and will include local, county and state law enforcement officials. Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan is expected to attend. Then a second discussion for the public will be held at 6 p.m in the Community Room of Chester City Hall. The session will be open to all residents of the city and other community stakeholders. City officials indicate they want to use that session to convey to the public what was discussed at the earlier meeting, and also as a platform for resident to air their specific concerns related to crime in Chester.

There have been seven homicides recorded in Delaware County so far in 2017. All seven have occurred in Chester.

We'll be there to tell you what the mayor has to say.