Pennsylvania's $2B budget riddle

You don't happen to have $2 billion sitting around the house, do you?

Maybe stuffed under the mattress?

If you do, please give Gov. Tom Wolf a call.

He'd like you to cover the state's ballooning deficit.

Wolf will give his annual budget address this morning, and everyone is wondering how he's going to pull off this magic trick: Ease the state's mounting deficit, which is expected to soar into the billions in the next couple of years, without resorting to a big boost in revenue. That means tax hikes.

Wolf has been down this road twice before. He's proposed big increases in taxes his first two years, only to see that path turn into a dead end when Republicans who control both the House and Senate dug in their heels to oppose any big new tax increases.

This year, Wolf has backed away from talk of a tax hike. That probably has more than a little to do with the fact that he has a re-election campaign looming in the future and a conservative Republican in Sen. Scott Wagner of York County waiting to take him on.

So how is he going to resolve the budget mess.

We talk about it on today's editorial page.


Dannytheman said…
How about cutting the elected officials and their office staff by 50%. Half the Senators, half the State Representatives and their staffs. Heat bill goes down, electric bill goes down, air conditioning, water... (Paper, toner, computers)

I would start there, and then go after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh hand outs.

Would I be close by saying we would save over 500,000 dollars per elected official flushed out? Staff at home and Harrisburg. Office rent, etc? So 1 million saved for ever 2 cut. It would be a good start.