The Greg Norman of the NFL

I was watching golf right up until kickoff of last night's Super Bowl bonanza between the Patriots and Falcons.

I don't do day-long pre-game shows anymore.

So I guess it's not coincidence that golf also was the first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up and checked my phone. The last thing I remember before sliding into my nightly coma is Lady Gaga seemingly doing mid-air somersaults during her halftime extravaganza.

After a scoreless first period, the Falcons had seized control of the game in the 2nd quarter and led 21-3 at the half. They soon stretched that lead to 28-3.

A lock, right?

Uh, not exactly. Just ask Greg Norman.

At the 1996 Masters, Norman threw up a six-shot lead on the final day and watched as Nick Faldo blew by him to capture the green jacket.

It remains one of the most painful things I've ever watched, and not just because I'm a golf nut.

So I can imagine what the fans of Atlanta must feel like this morning. Those would include my oldest brother, a transplant who has happily taken up the mantle of the Braves and Falcons.

Then again, I guess it could have been worse.

You could be the bettor who plunked down a cool $1.1 million bet on the Falcons last week. With the 3-point line he still came up short. I hope he didn't make any big purchases while the Falcons were cruising 28-3.

And finally there is this.

Anyone know if those ubiquitous Super Bowl block pools pay off on the 4th quarter score, or the final score? That would be about my luck, which is one of the reasons I didn't play last year.

Then again, as usual, lucky probably doesn't have much to do with it.

Just ask Greg Norman, or Matt Ryan, or Dan Quinn.

Welcome to the sports hall of horrors, Falcons.

You're now the Greg Norman of the NFL.