The legal fight over Mariner East 2 heat sup

The Mariner East Pipeline 2 project is coming.

And that means the lawyers can't be far behind.

Sunoco Logistics is already in the western part of the state, laying down the pipe that will eventually reach 350 miles across Pennsylvania, linking the Marcellus Shale regions to Marcus Hook.

The company got the green light for key permits they need to start work in our neck of the woods last week, and an appeal by environmental groups to block the company from starting construction was rejected by a judge.

The two sides are likely headed to court.

In the meantime, Sunoco Logistics says they are ready to start construction on the 11.5-mile stretch of the pipeline that traverses several municipalities in western Delaware County.

Disappointed community groups who oppose the pipeline are vowing they will go to court to fight the company.

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