The next step in the war on heroin

It's become the silent murmur of many in law enforcement as they wage a daily battle in the war on heroin.

Yes, they like the idea of being able to revive overdose victims with the miracle drug Naloxone, at times literally bringing a victim back to life from death's door.

But many police and first responders show frustration and ask a pretty simple question in the wake of such heroics: What happens next. Too often, without much needed treatment, addicts simply revert to the same behaviors that put them in peril in the first place. That's why something that happened last week is so important.

You might call it the next "steps" in the war on heroin.

We hail the arrival of the First Steps Treatment Center, a 52-bed facility located at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland.

You can read about this crucial push in the war on opioid abuse on today's editorial page.