Union looking to ink deal with a CTO; a what?

Forget the fact that Jahlil is not only back with the Sixers, he's apparently going to play tonight in Boston. So much for him being on the trade block. Or is he?

Forget Joel Embiid's knee, as well as the Sixers embarrassing problems with simply telling their fans the truth about their star players, and whether they are playing.

Just keep telling yourself, "it's the Sixers." That explains a lot.

No, the weirdest sports story this week comes from, of all places, Chester and the Philadelphia Union.

They are creating a new executive position, one you probably have not heard of before.

The Union is in the market for a CTO.

No, not a CEO, a CFO, or COO.

They'r not hunting for a suit to handle the chief executive, chief financial or even the chief operating officer duties. In fact, a 'suit' might be the farthest thing from their minds.

So what does the 'T' stand for?

The union is looking for a Chief Tattoo Officer.

We're not making this up.

With so many players and even some front office types now getting inked up, the MSL team says it wants to find its own in-house tattoo artist.

Resumes and portfolios are now being accepted by the team. You can get the details here.

We in the news business have long been referred to as ink-stained wretches.

The Union is looking to take that in the other direction.

They are planning to put the Ink in Inc.