Thursday, February 23, 2017

Voices raised with ACA concerns are not going away

The debate over the Affordable Care Act - and Republicans’ vow to repeal it - rages on.

Town hall meetings are being held across the country as citizens realize what is at stake.

Last night several hundreds people turned out for a discussion of the ACA in Media sponsored by a group called Organizing for Action.

They wanted to hear from U.S. Rep. Pat. Meehan. He was invited - they even had a chair for him - but he did not attend. Some Republicans are trying to pass off these events as blatant political events being organized by progressive groups opposed to Republican policy.

I don’t doubt that some of those in attendance were in fact political operatives.

But not all of them. Probably not even most of them.

Instead what you are hearing is citizens, many of whom dealing with life-threatening illnesses, who are scared to death that they are going to lose their health benefits.

Meehan, like many moderate Republicans, has toned down the rhetoric on the health care debate. He’s now talking about ,”rescue and repair,” as opposed to “repeal and replace” when it comes to Obamacare.

But Republicans have yet to put forth their idea for a replacement plan.

Those voices out there wondering about the future of their healthcare are only going to get louder.

You can read our coverage of last night’s hearing here.


Speaking of Rep. Meehan, have you looked at a map of the 7th District lately.

It looks like one of your kids was turned loose with the fingerpaints.

The 7th District, which includes most of Delaware County, now also zigs and zags its way into Montgomery, Berks and even Lancaster counties. It spans parts of five counties altogether.

Yes, it’s a mess.

Two Pennsylvania legislators - one Democrat and one Republican - want to fix it before the next census is due in 2020. You can read our editorial on the issue here.


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