Where Meehan stands on Trump's tax returns

After this week's print column in which I noted a couple of the reasons I think played a part in U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan's decision to stand "Pat," and not challenge U.S. Sen. Robert Casey, I got an interesting reader question.

While I noted that Meehan might not be all that enthralled about a statewide race while defending President Donald Trump's controversial stances on repealing the Affordable Care Act and placing a travel ban on immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the country, a reader wanted to know Meehan's stance on Trump's tax returns.

Turns out we didn't have to wait long.

Yesterday Meehan voted against a Democratic effort in the House to make those tax returns public.

But there is an asterisk, as there usually is on things happening in Washington.

Meehan spokesman John Elizandro says Meehan actually believes Trump should have released his tax returns during the campaign, and continues to think so.

He just does not believe this effort, through the House Ways and Means Committee, is the way to go about it.

You can read the full story here.


Craig K. said…
Now there's a baloney politician's answer by Meehan. The President isn't just some taxpaying citizen who needs his privacy rights protected. Give me a break!