Why do I hate winter? Let me count the ways

Have I told you lately how much I hate winter?

Yes, I know it was 65 degrees yesterday afternoon.

Yes, I enjoyed walking for my afternoon cup of coffee without a coat.

Yes, I had this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that we were going to pay for it.

Welcome to Thursday.

If you're still in bed, do yourself a favor, pull the covers over your head and stay there until this afternoon. This morning is going to be a mess.

Rain shifted over to a heavy, wet snow just about 4:30 a.m. We're expecting anywhere from 4-8 inches in the Philly suburbs, as usual more the farther north and west you go.

You want good news (that is if you are like me and despise winter)? This is a fast-moving storm. In fact, if we're lucky the snow should be moving out by noon and there is no more snow in the immediate forecast.

School closings? Yes, kids, you're in luck. Most everything is close. Check for your school here.

Get the general news story on what things are like here.

And go here for our full Accu-Weather forecast.

TGIF will have special meaning this week.

Hell, we might even want to change it to 'Thank God It's Thursday Afternoon,' and we survived Thursday morning.