A presidential Donald Trump

Brace yourself, you're about to read something positive about Donald Trump on our editorial page.

The president did something Tuesday night that has been alarmingly lacking in his first month on the job.

He looked - and sounded - presidential.

Much of the vitriol that has been his calling card was absent.

There were no attacks, there was no harangue begging to differ about the size of his victory or the crowds that he draws. He even seemed to call a temporary truce in his war with the press.

In addition, the tone was decidedly more positive than the Darth Vader imitation who delivered that dreadful inaugural address.

Of course, there were very few specifics disclosed to back up the grandiose vision he laid out. There rarely is at these types of speeches where the commander-in-chief gives a status report on the nation to both houses of Congress.

That's not the point.

This was all about tone.

And it was decidedly different.

Now the question is how long will it last.

There were not middle-of-the-night Tweets from @RealDonaldTrump, so maybe Trump has finally realized he is no longer just a billionaire businessman or reality TV barker.

He is the leader of the free world.

Tuesday night he acted like it.

You can read the editorial here.