Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Attention Media Borough: Can you please fix this pothole?

Here's a note to Media Borough - and a warning for anyone driving through the county seat.

Watch out of the great Baltimore Pike pothole.

Actually, this isn't even a pothole.

I believe it's the result of some road work where crews were forced to dig up the road. They then filled it in and everything is hunky-dory, right?

Uh, not exactly. As often happens, the fill settled. Only in this instance, it REALLY settled, leaving a nasty pothole as you head east down the hill after passing the Court Diner. I think that's the intersection with Edgemont Street.

Every morning as I ride through the borough, I manage to hit this hole, which is threatening to loosen a few of my decades-old fillings.

Every time I remind myself to move over far enough to the right to miss it, and every morning in the early-a.m. darkness I manage to hit this thing.

I'm surprised I have not blown out that front left driver's side tire on that thing.

So here is my request? Can someone with the borough please go back and fill this thing in again?

Anyone else have the misfortune to hit this monster?


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