Jeff Lurie wants us to be patient

I have been a die-hard Eagles fan since I fell out of the womb.

I was at one time an Eagles season ticket holder and proud denizen of the 700 Level at Veterans Stadium.

In September, as the Birds kick off another season, I will be 62.

I have never seen the Eagles raise the Lombardi Trophy, emblematic of being Super Bowl champions.

Oh, I've seen them play in a few, the first when Ron Jaworski decided to make Oakland Raiders linebacker Rod Martin his favorite receiver for the day, throwing three interceptions in a brutal loss for Dick Vermeil.

It took decades for the Birds to get back, and then Andy Reid apparently forgot to look at the time block as he watched his team methodically march down the field against the Patriots, eating up the clock despite being down by two scores. At one point, Patriots coach Bill Belichick actually had to ask if the scoreboard was correct, if his team was actually trailing the Eagles, who seemed intent on running out the clock.

Last night, Eagles owner Jeff Lurie met the media at the NFL meetings in Phoenix.

Lurie has owned the team for 23 years and has zero Super Bowl championships to show for it, despite his insistent mantra of making the Birds the 'gold standard' of the NFL.

He asked the fans to be patient.